Erasmus in London

I spend two terms in 2007 / 2008 in London at the QMUL as an Erasmus Student. It was a very rewarding and interesting time in which I learned a lot about english language, live, myself and computer science. I met very nice people and made new friends.

I blogged (in German) about my experiences during that time. Since the events are not that current anymore and the visitor numbers of the blog are declining I decided to take it offline for now. If anyone is interested in the blog feel free to contact me and I will be happy to supply the content of the blog or put it back online.

Furthermore I wrote a summery (in German) about my time in London and my experiences for the international office of the TU Dortmund. If you consider an Erasmus stay abroad and especially in London, it might be of some help. The summery will be available for download here shortly. In the mean time feel free to contact me and I will supply you with a digital copy.